National Leadership Council gets behind student-centered Pavilion project

As a group, their focus on student needs remains strong.

The College of Music National Leadership Council has been a strong partner in developing the national and international excellence of the College. The Council has championed student success and wellbeing and has focused on the creation of new and renovated facilities that address needs of a 21st century curriculum and help to attract, retain and support an outstanding faculty and student body.

As a kickoff for MSU’s Empower Extraordinary fundraising campaign, the dedicated Spartans on the Council made a collective campaign gift – funding the College of Music National Leadership Council Endowed Scholarship. That major scholarship continues to provide significant support for deserving and talented students, and members have generously supported other individual scholarship, programmatic and facility needs.  In their continuing strong support of the College, members of the Council have now made an additional gift.  This time, realizing the pressing need to create new music facilities adjacent to the Music Building that has remained largely unchanged since 1939, they are providing critical funding for the new Music Pavilion project.

Members of the Council believe students and faculty deserve high quality facilities with spaces designed with advanced acoustical properties for excellent and safe practice, rehearsals and performances.  These spaces will serve generations to come and will enhance MSU’s competitive position.  They will help music majors launch their professional careers, welcome and serve numerous non-majors, provide audiences excellent experiences, and facilitate the hosting of premiere national conferences and workshops.

April Clobes and Glen Brough

“The decision to contribute to the building expansion was an easy one for us.  Our experiences with the College of Music have profoundly influenced our lives.  Supporting this endeavor enables us to give back to a program that has meant so much to us in so many ways.  Most importantly, the College of Music will now have a facility where its world class programs, faculty, and student performers can thrive.”

Ken and Sandy Beall

“It is important to us that the immensely talented faculty and students in the College of Music not be constrained in their potential by antiquated and crowded facilities.  We are excited about the opportunities the Music Pavilion will create for everyone associated with the College.”

Dee and Byron Cook

“The College of Music faculty is extraordinarily talented as artists and teachers and they are attracting outstanding students. But spaces and places make a difference in your work, and we are thrilled to be part of this plan to provide these artists with acoustically superior spaces where we know they will thrive.”

Doug and Brenda Jewell

“We know how hard it is to raise money for the arts, and we only wish we could give more. We’re still hopeful that we can win a lottery and hand Dean Forger a check for the whole project!”


Merritt and Candy Lutz

“While I was pursuing both my Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts and Masters in Social Science in the mid-1960s, I was lead drummer in the MSU Concert Band and the Spartan Marching Band Drumline. The experiences I had in these ensembles were remarkable and among the best in my life, but the facilities haven’t changed much since then. I am supporting the Music Pavilion campaign because I want to make sure future aspiring musicians have the same wonderful experiences I had – in state-of-the-art facilities.”

Clare and Cecil (dec.) Mackey

“The new Pavilion for the College of Music will facilitate and enhance study, teaching, performance, and general growth of the excellence now found on our campus. What a difference it will make! Donations made to honor Cecil's memory are greatly appreciated. They are right in line with his philosophy concerning the importance of the arts in enhancing the humanity and quality of our lives.”


Craig and Lisa Murray

“While we’re not alumni of the College of Music, like thousands of other Spartans we are constantly blown away by the world-class excellence of its faculty and its students. That’s why we've chosen to contribute to the building of the new Music Pavilion— a facility this college, this university and this state all richly deserve!”


Steve and Sarah Noll

“Through participation in the Spartan Marching Band and being in the audience at many campus musical performances, the School of Music provided me with many lasting, wonderful memories of life as a student at MSU. Now as the College of Music, we are proud of the contributions made every day by MSU student and faculty artists to the Michigan community and the world-wide stage.  Assisting in bringing the Music Pavilion to a reality is one way that we can make a small return for all of the enjoyment that we have received from music and music education provided by the College of Music.”


Roy J. and Lou Anna K. Simon

“We have a premier college of music at Michigan State University, however some of the facilities are woefully inadequate and must be upgraded to attract and recruit the very best students and faculty.”


For information on how you can support the Music Pavilion campaign, support College of Music students and programs, or establish a named endowment, please contact Rebecca Surian, senior director of development for the College of Music, at or 517-353-9872.

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