Music ed professor receives prestigious award from peers

John Kratus, professor of music education at Michigan State University, has been honored with the Award of Merit by the Michigan Music Education Association (MMEA). He will receive the award on Friday, Jan. 18, during the Michigan Music Conference (MMC) in Grand Rapids. 

Dr. Kratus has been a member of MMEA for more than 15 years, since joining the MSU faculty. He says he has always encouraged MSU music education faculty members to attend and present at the MMC conference every year and states that it is part of the job of music teacher educators to maintain a visible presence at the state conference.

One of his most significant contributions to MMEA and MMC over the years has been as the founder of the MMEA Honors Composition Concert. One of Kratus' research interests for many years has been the process of composition among children and the study of musical creativity in general.

"John's interest fueled the development of this signature event," says Mitch Robinson, associate professor of music eduation and the chair of the music education area at MSU. "This composition concert has been imitated in several states across the country and serves as a model of innovation and creativity that distinguishes Michigan's school music enterprise. We should all be extremely proud of Dr. Kratus' leadership in providing this opportunity for the state's music students and teachers, and we all take great pride at the strength and vitality of this event."

Kratus' contributions to the music education community in Michigan include the preparation of countless music teachers who have transformed the practice of music teaching and learning in our state, and the development of innovative programs for school-aged students and their teachers, continues Robinson. "His impact on the enterprise of school music in the state has been significant, and this recognition of his contributions is a fitting acknowledgment of the richness of his professional and scholarly accomplishments."

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