College of Music Doctoral Student Wins Competition, Commissioned for New Work

A doctoral student in the Michigan State University College of Music has won the 2014 Michigan Music Teacher Association Commission Competition.

Andrew Francis won the annual competition based on his three-movement piece for tuba and percussion titled “Regions.” Francis has studied music arts composition with MSU professors Jere Hutcheson and Ricardo Lorenz. As the recipient of the award, Francis will receive a $1,500 commissioning fee to compose a new work for the upcoming MMTA state conference in October.

“I feel very excited to have been selected for this commission," exclaims Francis. “The state of Michigan is full of very talented young composers, and to be chosen as the winner of a commission that many of them were competing for is a great honor. I look forward to this opportunity.”

Francis composed “Regions” at the request of tubist and current College of Music doctoral student Bill Waterman in the fall of 2011. Each movement focuses on one of three geographic areas where Francis has studied: Kansas, Texas and Michigan. Francis attempts to take his audience from the ambiguity of the deserts in Western Texas, through the fast-paced jazz sounds of Kansas City, to the density and beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Once performed at the state MMTA conference, Francis’s commissioned work will be considered for the Distinguished Composer of the Year Award through the Music Teacher National Association. A national panel selects the winning composer who then receives an additional $3,000 award after their new work is performed at the national conference.

Francis’s MMTA commissioned work will be performed at the 2014 MTNA National Conference in downtown Chicago at the end of March.  

Click here to listen to some of Francis’s compositions.

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