Our Team

Team members are available to make presentations to studio classes, ensembles, and other groups.

Musicians’ Wellness Team Members

  • Judy Palac, DMA, Director, MSU professor emeritus of Music Education and a licensed Andover Educator, or Body Mapping specialist. She is currently serving on the national boards of the Performing Arts Medicine Association and Andover Educators, and presents and publishes regularly on musicians' health.
  • Dr. Rachael Gates, DMA, Singing Health Specialist, has sung in Germany, Russia, Italy and throughout the United States. She has taught at Northwestern University, The Hartt School of Music, directed operas for Yale University, and currently teaches vocal health at MSU. Dr. Gates holds music degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and The Ohio State University. She is the lead author of the new text, The Owner’s Manual to the Voice (Oxford University Press).
  • David Grimshaw, DO, is an osteopathic physician, board certified in family practice, osteopathic manual medicine and cranial osteopathy. He is a Clinical Professor at the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine. He directs the Center for Integrative Studies in Okemos, Michigan, and teaches yoga. Link: http://www.centerforintegrativemedicineofokemos.com/bios/grimshaw.htm
  • Eric J. Hunter, PhD, is Associate Professor of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at MSU. He was previously a research scientist at the National Center for Voice and Speech and on the fauclty at the University of Utah. Dr. Hunter his background in physics and acoustics to study all aspects of the voice mechanism (anatomy, biomechanics, acoustics, etc). He has published in, and served on editorial boards for, several journals concerned with voice research.
  • Kristie Kava, MS, PT, DScPT, OMPT, Kristie S Kava, PT, MS, DScPT, OMPT is a physical therapist certified in orthopedic manual physical therapy, Stott Pilates exercise, Rehabilitative Pilates, The Gyrotonic Expansion System of exercise, and trained in Gyrokinsesis. She has taught extensively at the university level as well as within education courses for the MPTA. She continues to be actively engaged in her private practice at Oakland Physical Therapy in Novi, Michigan. Dr. Kava has provided patient care in performing arts medicine for many years including evaluation, treatment, and prevention of performance injuries. She is a member of the Performing Arts Medicine Association and has presented her research both nationally and internationally. Oakland Physical Therapy, P.C.
  • Hari Kern, BMus, MA, Clinical Psychology has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1983, frequently working with performing artists. Earlier, she maintained a private piano studio and taught and performed solo recitals, concertos, and chamber music, primarily in the Detroit area. Psychological issues uniquely affecting performing artists, including performance anxiety, are her current areas of interest. She is also a certified expressive arts therapist, using the various arts as therapeutic tools.
  • Elinore Morin, STAT, AmSAT, received her Graduate Teacher’s Certificate in the Alexander Technique (AT) from Patrick J. McDonald’s Teacher Training Course, London, England, in 1986. Mr. McDonald was a student of Frederick Matthias Alexander. Elinore is an internationally accredited Senior teaching member of both the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique in London and the American Society for the Alexander Technique.
  • Jann Nestell, PT, is a Physical Therapist and Tai Chi and Qigong teacher. She has been a Physical Therapist since 1974. Jann also has training in manual medicine and visceral manipulation. She has studied with the Traditional Chinese Culture Institute International (TCCII) in Washington, D.C. Jann teaches classes at C. Weaver Physical Therapy and the Parkwood YMCA in East Lansing, Williamston, and is associated with Playmakers of Okemos. Link: http://www.tccii.com/instructors/nestelljann.asp
  • Sue Palac, MD, is a board-certified neurologist presently working in electrodiagnostic medicine in Bath, Michigan. She has been on the neurology faculties of Emory University and Rush Medical University. An epilepsy specialist, Dr. Palac has many research articles and book chapters to her credit.