Jury Requirements for Secondary Special Emphasis on Piano



Graduate piano minors enroll in MUS844 for 1 credit. They will receive a 30 minute lesson once a week. In order to enroll in MUS844 graduate students must show a basic proficiency at the keyboard that would be equivalent to that expected at a Barrier Jury for a Music Therapy student. The curriculum consists of basic technique, repertoire, and sight-reading. The course grade will be based on attendance, preparation, and progress. In order to complete the piano minor requirement the student must successfully perform a piano jury. This jury will be considered the final exam for the class.

All major and harmonic minor scales. Hands together, parallel motion, a minimum of four octaves. Scales must be performed in rhythmic groups of four, mm. 120. Major and minor triad arpeggios in all keys, root position only. Hands together, parallel motion, four octaves. Arpeggios must be performed in rhythmic groups of two, mm. 120.


  • Keyboard composers before 1770. Selected Preludes and Fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier or three-part inventions of J. S. Bach; or similar works by other composers.
  • Classical Period. Sonatas of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Clementi, or other composers in this period.
  • Romantic , Impressionistic, and Contemporary Periods. Works by Bartok, Kabalevsky, Prokofiev, as well as representative works from Romantic and Impressionist composers.
  • Sight-reading. Material should be chosen from hymns, easy four-hand music, and accompaniments.

A jury examination, including technique, repertoire (two compositions chosen from I – III on above list), and sight-reading will be required at the completion of the each second semester of study. The jury will be considered the final exam for that semester. The faculty/graduate students present will provide the student with written comments as well as a grade. The average jury grade will constitute 25% of the student’s grade in the course. Memorization is recommended but not required for both pieces: one piece must be memorized. Students playing from music must use original copies.