Jury Requirements for Master of Piano Pedagogy (MUS850A)



Piano Pedagogy majors must enroll for 3 credits of piano (MUS850A) and 1 credit of Piano Performance Class (MUS849) for two semesters. They will be expected to play a jury at the end of each semester in which they are enrolled in MUS850A or MUS896. A complete or partial (shared) recital, with the required recital approval, may substitute for a jury in any semester. The performance jury will be the final exam for that semester. In order to remain a piano pedagogy major the student must achieve a minimum average grade of 3.0 on each jury. Any student not achieving this minimum grade will be put on probation as a piano pedagogy major and will be given one semester to remove that probationary status. Each faculty member attending the jury will provide written comments and a jury grade. The student’s final jury grade will be an average of all the grades given by the faculty attending the jury. It is strongly suggested that the student’s final grade, given by his/her major teacher not deviate more than .5 from the jury grade.


  • Keyboard composers before 1770 and Classical Period.
  • Romantic, Late Romantic, and Impressionistic Periods.
  • Contemporary Period.

All repertoire will be decided in consultation with the student’s major professor according to the professor’s assessment of the needs and abilities of the individual student.

The jury examination will take place during exam week and will be 20 minutes in length. Repertoire will consist of two complete compositions chosen from any two groups listed above. All groups must be represented over the span of two juries. It is the prerogative of the faculty present to hear only portions of the repertoire as time allows. The student must complete a jury report/comment form and bring it to his/her jury. This form will become a part of the student’s permanent record.