Harp Regulations

If you’re coming to MSU’s Harp Day, why not bring your harp in for regulation? One of the best harp technicians in the country, Erich Rase, will offer support and instruction on harp regulation. Since job duration for every harp may vary, please contact Erich directly and reserve your space erichrase@comcast.net.

Erich Rase

Special Guest for Harp Day 2017

Erich Rase studied harp technology under the guidance of Victor Salvi (Salvi Harps, Inc.) and Dale Barco (Lyon & Healy) between 1978 through 1982. After that, he served as the Chief Technician for Salvi Harps, Inc., New York, NY, under the direction of Kathleen Bride and Suzanne Balderston. In 1985, Rase started his own atelier and has been working on harps independently ever since. One of the most senior technicians in the nation, Rase has performed over 4,000 regulations covering 38 years. His customers cover the nation and abroad including Nicanor Zabeleta, Debra Hoffman, Sarah Bullen, Elizabeth Cifani, Elizabeth Hainen, Nancy Allen, and the first customer was Mildred Dilling. Rase recently completed a total Lyon & Healy harp restoration for the former Boston Symphony harpist Ann Hobson Pilot.

Rase holds three college degrees in Pharmacy Science and Medial Technologies, he is also a member of The American Harp Society and The American Appraisers Association. He studied the violin from the age of eight and toured Europe in 1976 as a violinist. Although Erich does not consider himself a harpist, he studied the harp with Jane Weidensaul, Linda Wellbaum, and Gloria Agostini. His hobbies are all music related, and maintains a collection of CD/vinyl record of over 6,000 titles (and growing), as well as obscure and rare musical instruments from around the world.