Concert Programs


April 30: Symphony Orchestra

April 25: Musique 21

April 18: Ralph Votapek, piano

April 16: Tasha Warren-Yehuda, clarinet

April 11: Peter Lightfoot, baritone, and Deborah Moriarty, piano

April 4, 6, 8, 10: Cello Plus Festival

April 1: Ron Newman, jazz piano

March 30: Yuri Gandelsman, viola, and Johnny Gandelsman, violin

March 29: Human Trafficking: A Call to Action

March 28: Zhihua Tang, piano

March 14: Beethoven! Joanne and Bill West Circle Series

March 4: Jazz Orchestras and Tim Warfield, jazz saxophone

March 3: Derek Polischuk, piano

March 2: arx duo

March 2: Beaumont Brass

March 1: Musique 21

February 26: Professors of Jazz

February 11: Guy Yehuda, clarinet

February 7: Ava Ordman, trombone, Justin Emerich, trumpet, and Derek Polischuk, piano

February 5: Symphony Orchestra

February 4: Wind Symphony

February 3: Philip Sinder, tuba

February 1: Musique 21

January 29: The Oberlin Baroque Ensemble

January 22: A Spanish Serenade MSUFCU Showcase Series

January 21: Walter Verdehr, violin

January 17: Jazz: Spirituals, Prayer, and Protest Concert

January 16: Michael Heald, violin, and Liza Stepanova, piano

January 15: Richard Sherman, flute

January 12: Richard Fracker, tenor

January 11: Jan Eberle, oboe

December 19: A Jazzy Little Christmas MSUFCU Showcase Series

December 6: Handel's Messiah MSUFCU Showcase Series

December 5: Panayis Lyras, piano

December 4: Jazz Orchestras and Jimmy Cobb, Jazz Drums

December 3: Concert Orchestra

December 2: Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble

December 1: Women's Chamber Ensemble, Chamber Choir and Campus Choir

November 22: Chitravina N. Ravikiran, chitravina, and Trichy Shankaran, mridangam

November 20: Wind Symphony and Symphony Orchestra

November 18-22: A Room with a View, MSU Opera Theatre

November 13: Solungga Liu, piano

November 10: Yuri Gandelsman, viola

November 8: Trombone Choir

November 7: Women's and Men's Glee Clubs

November 5: Percussion Ensemble

November 1: Anne Nispel, soprano, and Harlan Jennings, baritone

November 1: State Singers and University Chorale

October 30: Symphony Orchestra

October 29: Wind Symphony

October 28: Suren Bagratuni, cello, and Genadi Zagor, piano

October 27: Symphony Band

October 27: Walter Verdehr, violin

October 26: Musique 21

October 16: Arthur Greene, piano

October 14: Concert Orchestra

October 9: Brian Lynch, trumpet, and Jazz Orchestras

October 7: Edward Parmentier, harpsichord

October 5: Music of Antonín Dvořák Joanne and Bill Church West Circle Series

October 4: Marc Embree, bass-baritone

October 4: I-Fu Wang, violin, and Ralph Votapek, piano

October 3: Jonathan Holden, clarinet, Marissa Olin, flute

October 2: Symphony Orchestra 

September 30: Wisconsin Brass Quintet

September 28: Musique 21

Spetember 23: Tala Rasa Percussion Group

September 23: Melanie Helton, soprano

September 22: Corbin Wagner, horn

September 20: Pandit Gaurav Mazumdar, sitar

September 3: Joseph Lulloff, saxophone



Archived Programs