Vocal Arts

The vocal arts area is committed to the highest standard of excellence across multiple disciplines, including performance and music education, and offers performance opportunities to all voice students, regardless of their degree program.

Meet Our Vocal Arts Faculty

About the Vocal Arts Area

The student-to-faculty ratio is approximately twelve to one. The small size of the program and our small class sizes ensure that students receive the individualized attention needed for the highest level of success.

Each vocal arts faculty member is an active performer and specialist in his or her particular performance medium, allowing every student to receive professional training across many fields, including art song, oratorio, opera, musical theater, new music, diction, vocal pedagogy, and teaching methods.

Faculty members hold their own individual studio classes, and students also perform repertoire for the entire vocal arts area in a weekly voice recital hour. Students perform frequently in both degree-required recitals and non-degree recitals and are eligible to audition for various solos in the choral ensembles and for roles in MSU Opera Theatre productions. 

Graduate assistantships and numerous scholarships are available to students who qualify.