Individualized attention is at the heart of the piano area, which seeks to develop the full potential of every student to ensure outstanding preparation for professional success. 

Meet Our Piano Faculty

About the Piano Area

Piano offers degree tracks in performance or music education. Regardless of degree focus, all students receive private lessons with faculty members.

Classes are conducted through private lessons, master classes, and keyboard literature courses. All students take piano performance classes coached and critiqued by the entire piano faculty. These are modeled similarly to master classes and provide regular performance opportunities. Undergraduate students take an accompanying class, which enables them to work as collaborative artists with other musicians. All students gain performance experience through recitals and can take part in chamber music ensembles.

Piano students can double major in a related or unrelated field while pursuing their piano degree. In addition, an honors program option is available to students in the MSU Honors College. 

The College of Music also offers piano pedagogy programs in which students have the opportunity to teach and observe children’s classes in the College of Music’s Community Music Schools in East Lansing and Detroit.