Graduate Certificate in Music Theory

Integrated excellence in both research and pedagogy is at the core of the music theory area. Graduates of our program excel at both.

The primary student audience consists of graduate music majors pursuing a Doctor of Musical Arts or Master of Music degree in performance, conducting, or composition and wishing to secure a secondary credential in music theory. Collegiate job postings in music often list music theory as a secondary area of expertise. A student who can demonstrate this expertise officially through a graduate certificate is likely to have a competitive advantage.

Consisting of 15 credits, the Graduate Certificate in Music Theory is designed to allow students to gain subject expertise in music theory within roughly the same timeframe as their primary degree in music.

Our curriculum includes courses in the Pedagogy of Music Theory, Analysis, Counterpoint, 20th- and 21st-Century Techniques, Keyboard Skills, and Research Seminars on rotating topics.

For more information about the course requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Music Theory, see certificate requirements listed in the Graduate Handbook for students. 

For more information, please contact Dr. Michael Callahan, Area Chairperson of Music Theory, at or (517) 353-6607.