The conducting faculty at Michigan State University stands together in offering students an intense, collaborative, and comprehensive graduate program. 

Meet Our Conducting Faculty

About the Conducting Area

We believe that all conducting students should develop skills and knowledge in working with voice, winds, percussion, and strings, regardless of the primary field of study. All students will have access to private lessons with the entire conducting faculty and podium opportunities with orchestras, wind ensembles, choirs, new music groups, small ensembles, and opera singers.

Primary focus is placed on three key skills: score study, efficient and pedagogically sound rehearsal technique, and artistic leadership. Additional training is available in wind and choral literature, string bowing technique, jazz style and notation, and foreign language/diction study.

Graduates of the highly competitive conducting program at Michigan State University are versatile, skilled, and future leaders of the conducting vocation. Support is available through the awarding of assistantships and fellowships, based on audition results.