Undergraduate Degrees

BM Composition

Bachelor of Music in Composition

Michigan State University Application

Complete the online application to Michigan State University. There is a nonrefundable application fee. Review the MSU Office of Admissions website, especially the Dates and Deadlines page. Apply in early fall to avoid enrollment restrictions and no later than November 1 to ensure that you will be considered for scholarships.  NOTE TO TRANSFER APPLICANTS: The Nov. 1 deadline does not apply to transfers applicants.  MSU typically does not open the transfer application until mid-November.  Please complete this application whenever it becomes available.

College of Music Supplemental Application

Submit this supplemental application for admission and scholarship consideration. There is a $30 nonrefundable application fee.  Deadline is December 1.


Use the College of Music Supplemental Application (link above) to request an audition date.  Audition dates are listed here.

Composition Portfolio

Submit a portfolio of three to five original compositions and/or musical arrangements (at least two of which must be completely and accurately notated, two of which must be accompanied by recordings of performances or MIDI realizations, and one of which must have a minimum duration of approximately five minutes). Optional but encouraged: an interview with the area chairs of composition and/or other members of the faculty. Applicants will be evaluated by the area chairs of composition (or their faculty designees). Admission decisions will be made in combination with audition results.  Please upload your portfolio through the College of Music Supplemental Application by December 1.  The URL will be provided upon completion of the application.

Composition Interview

Interviews will be scheduled on the same day of the audition.  In addition to discussing the previously submitted portfolio, applicants are asked to come prepared to have a conversation about the below exceprts.  Listen to the works on either good speakers or good quality headphones. Do not listen to them through laptop, tablet, or cell phone speakers. Much of the fidelity will be compromised and something could be missed.  Be ready to talk about what you notice in each excerpt during your interview.

Personal Statement

In your personal statement please describe your educational and musical background, goals and objectives, and future career plans. Please feel free to include any information that you feel would be helpful to the College of Music in making our admission decision. Limit your statement to 300-500 words.  This statement must be uploaded to the Supplemental Music Application after it is submitted.  Please upload at least two weeks prior to your scheduled audition.

Letters of Recommendation

Request letters of recommendation from two individuals familiar with your musical abilities.  We prefer letters of recommendation to be submitted online throuth the Supplemental Music Application.  Recommendations must be received no later than two weeks prior to your scheduled audition.

Additional requirements for International Undergraduate Applicants.