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Updated 2/22/2018 7:07pm

Please read all the below as well as this most recent information.

Visitor Parking Lot 79 is open.  Lot 79 is located south of the Spartan Stadium (map).  Visitors pay at the pay kiosks located with the area for their plate number or by using  The fee is $1.80 per hour.  Pay kiosks accept cash or credit cards.  Pay kiosks do not give change back. accepts credit cards.  Refunds are not issued for time paid for but not used.

To walk to the College of Music from lot 79, head east around the stadium, then north on Red Cedar Road.  At some point, cross over to the right side of the street.  There is only one pedestrian bridge open at this time, and that's the bridge behind the main library.  Cross the bridge there and head left around the library.  Then curve around to the right of the library.  You'll have a wonderful view of the Beall Botanical Garden; which is now a small lake!  Once you are in front of the library, you will see West Circle Drive.  Head left, cross to the north side of the street, and the College of Music front door is near.  Total walk time I would guess is 15+ minutes.  Still, I think the best option is park in dowtown East Lansing although it's a bit more expensive.

If either walk is not possible for you or for an individual travelling with you, plan to drop that person at the front of the Music Building and then seek parking.

It has come to our attention that the website I provided below that shows current flood conditions and road closures is recieving so much trafiic that it doesn't always load.  Here is an additional site you can use.

Updated 2/22/2018 3:38pm

I hope you are looking forward to your upcoming visit to MSU.  We are looking forward to seeing you!  I am contacting you today with an important message.  You might have heard that the MSU campus is experiencing a flooding event due to melting snow and heavy rain.  This is true, however:


However, please plan some additional travel time.  Some roads and parking lots near us are closed and will not likely re-open by the time you arrive.  The below page indicates where the flooding is occurring (orange) and closed roads and parking lots (red).

This page is being updated regularly, and I recommend you keep this page handy as you travel to campus.


If you are driving to campus, please approach the College of Music from the north.  DO NOT attempt to enter campus from the south and navigate through campus to the College of Music.  You will encounter closed roads.

Campus Map:

Flooding is not occurring at the College of Music.  This issue is specifically visitor parking.  If you flew to campus and are staying at one of our local hotels, please ask the front desk about public transportation to and from the College of Music.  If you take a taxi, your driver can drop you off right in front of the Music Building.

Although some visitor lots remian open on campus, they are south of the river.  Pedestrian paths to cross the river are closed making it a VERY long walk around campus to a safe crossing. Please DO NOT PARK SOUTH of the river.  Instead, utilze public parking in downtown East Lansing, which is north of the College of Music.

The facilities on the north side of East Grand River Avenue are within a 10 minute walk to the College of Music.  You will also see the MSU Parking Ramp on this brochure.  Do not use this ramp since it is for faculty and staff only.

RECOMMENDATIONS for those auditioning Saturday

Stay tuned to this website.  If anything changes, it will be posted here.


MSU College of Music Admissions Staff